Monday, August 31, 2009

A micro-Marx generator is now on the slate

I decided I could at least afford to buy the parts for the innards of the micro-Marx generator I'm building, even if I might have to either wait on the copper housing, or gin up something less desirable out of sheets of copper clad PCB soldered together. 

I re-found the 1/2" brass balls I'd been having trouble finding, and ordered them.

I also ordered some little nylon spacers, and some screws I will need. 

I will fabricate almost everything else. I have the capacitors.

The insulating base will be cut from some FR-4-like substance cannibalized from the P.O.S. Chinese laser engraving machine I brought home a few weeks ago. Almost no sign of that thing remains, and very few cubic inches within my garage were lost after I was done. I'm glad I saved the bits I did, I'm already using them. 

Anyway, that sub-project (this is part of the DTSGS project) is now officially underway, and that's a boon for my morale. All of the parts won't arrive until late in the week, but I can start making the baseplate as soon as I have drawings, but because this thing is as finicky as the switch was, they actually do have to be GOOD drawings, which means I have to do them at work on my lunch hours. I haven't even started.

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