Saturday, October 17, 2009

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think of it as supporting an underemployed mad scientist's crazy hobbies.


Customized StorCase DataSilo four-bay SCSI (U320) RAID/JBOD desktop mini-tower, dual cooling fans, reasonably quiet (but not silent).

Fitted with U320 CU-68 (AKA "VHDCI") type connectors. It is possible to change these. I might even have some alternative connector plates and internal cables which I would throw in for free if you asked nicely.  I would have to dig for those.

Contains four StorCase DE100 (black) metal removable disk drive carriers + frames, with green LED SCSI channel indicators and key locks.  I personally think these are some of the sexiest and well-made removable disk carriers any company has ever made.  Which is why I bought them.  

Each carrier comes with an U160 or U320 73GB 10K RPM Seagate Cheetah (or equivalent , I think one drive might be a Fujitsu) disk. Of course, you're free to put larger disks in.  I haven't used this system in a while.

I also have spare carriers and I think some matching frames as well. Possibly some complete frame/sled kits, I'll have to look. Those are still fetching $40+ each on eBay, so they won't be given away for free. But if you just want a single 5.25" helf-height removable disk unit for your existing PC, drop me a line.

The DataSilo case has been painted and sealed with gray/granite Fleckstone paint.  Picture on request. Looks very handsome with the black disk trays, IMO.

Will come with one high quality cable, twisted-pair (inside round jacket), solid metal connector housings, U320-rated, CU-68 (both ends) cable; and one U320 active LVD terminator, also solid metal housing.

This storage system is in perfect working order. I will provide StorCase documentation files (PDF) BUT NO AFTER-PURCHASE TECH SUPPORT. Know how to use and configure SCSI disks and disk arrays before you purchase this.

No reasonable offer refused.

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