Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tooling & fixturing

It would seem I am going to need some new tooling to clean up and machine the 4" copper pipe ends (forms the coaxial housing/current return) and the 3.5" phenolic liner.

I need a roller steady rest. I have a steady rest for my lathe, but it is of the old-fashioned brass-tipped sort that expects you to use it on a turned and semi-polished surface of the work, with grease. I am not convinced that's practical on either piece I need to work on. But I might be able to make some roller bearing tips to fit my existing steady-rest.

I think I can make it. I am highly unlikely to find one that already fits my lathe. After all, there don't seem to be repair parts for it available from anyone. I suppose I could try contacting the SEIG factory, where I suspect it was made... in the '70s or '80s...

Also, I really, really wish I had a 4-jaw independent chuck, a 6-jaw scroll chuck (which is specifically intended for chucking thin walled tubing) and oh, what the hell; a Lee Valley shop apron, a Parlec swivel base for my mill vice, a pair of vee blocks, a hot tub...

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