Sunday, May 30, 2010

lock bumping

Security isn't really my main topic of interest here, but it is a hobby and powerful interest of mine. Most anyone else with even a passing interest in security has probably heard the expression "lock bumping" or just "bumping" with regard to a quick way to open a vast number of pin tumbler locks.

Well, Kwikset has just announced a lock with "BumpGuard™ Protection"! They do not anywhere seem to claim that the lock cannot be bumped.

Further, their video makes it look an awful lot like a lever tumbler side bar lock. Only a bit different from a Medeco, and people are always telling me how "Medecos can be bumped" as a general sounding rule, but the only evidence I ever find is a canned video of _a_ Medeco being bumped. I would like to see someone do it in the wild.

Meanwhile, I presume the locksport community is already on this like white on rice and will have something to say sooner (if it gets defeated) or later (if it doesn't, after extended efforts).

I wonder if they make a rim cylinder version... hmm...

See, in my neighborhood, no burgler will pick a lock. This isn't the domain of rich folks with lots of high density portable wealth. Around here, the most determined burglar is likely to try battering a door down or breaking a window or prying open a flimsy garage door. They'll be looking for tools, bicycles, VCRs, computers, sometimes guns.

The majority of burglars just look for unlocked doors! Come on, you other home owners, you're not helping!

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