Monday, March 26, 2012

tooling progress (mill)

A great many projects are waiting for the mill to return to service. I have news about that.

The new phase converter arrived a while back. I've had it mostly-wired up for a week. I've been
er, not well, and also busy as f__k, and so I didn't really think my purchases through. So I still
don't have every thing I need to make it all go. I do have all but one thing, however, and it will
arrive tomorrow afternoon. That one thing is a 3-phase, 4-pole twist-lock connector that I
didin't happen to have on hand. Everything else is in place. When it arrives it will be a matter
of 20 minutes to be online.

Herewith an aside on the futility of saving good quality useful parts for a rainy day:
I have a boat-load of twist-lock connectors of all sorts - recessed inlets and panel mount outlets,
cord connectors, conventional outlets, and more, all for various voltages, currents, phases, et-
bloody-ceteras. And every time I have need such a thing in the past ten years, I have gone through
that collection, and literally nine times out of ten (probably more like 99 in a 100) I have come up
empty handed. The percentages do not make the space taken up (not to mention the capital
value) of them just sitting around here. So I am going to sell every twist-lock and similar power
connector I have (which is a lot, I assure you) on eBay and make a whole bunch of money to re-pay
my recently-raped hobby fund a little, even if I blow them out the door at bargain basement prices
as I intend to do.

I also ran out of money, through some serious miscommunication and well, never mind that.
That's being corrected.

So, by the next time I can find or make some free time in between self-schooling and work, I will
be able to make some parts for the Mad Scientists Light Switch, the triggered spark gap switch,
and so forth and so on.

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Billll said...

The instant you drop a sold item into the mailbox, a need for that item will emerge back on the home front.

Divine retribution for the hubris of thinking you could beat the system by rat-holing parts.