Tuesday, May 21, 2013

this isn't going to be easy...

Short version: I am "renouncing" all of my technical "mad science" hobbies, including anything involving high voltage, stored energy, high energy physics, etc.

I am already in the process of disposing of all the projects, parts, materials, and support equipment relating to same. I'll sell what I can, give away or throw away what I can't. Much of it is so large and heavy I would rather have it hauled away for scrap than deal with crates, skids, forklifts, flatbeds, or other heavy motor freight means.

This is not a joke, nor is it a decision I've made in haste. I have spent the first 50 years of my life completely scattered, unable to focus on or choose the things which matter to me most.

Now that I am on Ritalin (40 years too late, sigh) it has become quite a lot easier to prioritize -- to determine which hobbies I can do well, which ones are impractical to pursue, not to mention which pastimes will be the most gratifying.

I still have one or two hobbies remaining, but I desperately need fewer of them in toto.

As a result, this post could be the last I make to this blog, unless I feel a need to announce other unrelated future accomplishments to the world, such as semi-artistic creations. I would like to finish (and SELL) the "Mad Scientist's Light Switch", and I would like to finish the rolling ball sculpture I started a bunch of years ago.

I am hanging onto my shop and fabrication resources to use for the remaining hobbies.

I expect I'll just let this page sit here a while, and then eventually delete the blog completely.

Oh, and if you are or if you know anyone in the Denver / Front Range area in Colorado who is interested in high voltage, Tesla coils, railguns, pulsed power, etc, please put them in touch with me - I probably have something they want.


Billll said...

No need to shut the blog down, just keep us appraised of the latest work-arounds for the NSA.

cad the impaler said...

Hello Gomez:

I am Dave Boyle, an artist and inventor with the Inventor's co-op in Toronto Canada. We just had our second annual Tesla Night and it was very well attended. I was one of 7 speakers and my 8 minute talk was all about two tesla coils: one I built 30 years ago for the Calgary Science Center, and the one I am committed to building in the next year. We will get crowd funding, make a documentary film, and display it at next Year's Tesla night.

While doing research I came across your site and so ended up sending you this letter. Is it possible that you could help us out? With parts, experience and expertise? I want to make a unique type of coil with 2 primaries around a single secondary, 2 separate oscillators with variable capacitors to detune them into beating with each other, and an enclosure that strongly resembles Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower. I want to make a concert class musical instrument with a rich control panel that allows many modes of expression. A tesla coil theremin combo in some ways. Perhaps I could build a proximity sensor that shifts one of the oscillators?

Anyways, if you still have some choice components that you're willing to part with, we at the Inventor's Circle Co-op would be most grateful if you would consider us.

Victory4all said...

Please do not leave, mad science should always be a mad scientists top priority.Do you not know what a gift madness is?

If you are serious, & determined about it, and have not already done so, and you are still looking for a good home for the T508 work and information surrounding it.

Me, me, me, me... pick me!

I will take good care of this baby.

I have no shop, but I do have background in machine work.\

I also understand the ultimate value of this portable industrial/complex developed pre-Hertzian, Pre Vacuum-Triode, Pre silicon-transistor form of Power Amplitude device.

If you must give your baby up... give it to me?

I want to see it reach it's full potential.