Friday, September 11, 2009

Mo parts, mo work, no money, mo problems

I forgot to order the gap spheres for the peaking gap between the last stage of the Marx and its output.

Oh well, since I also ordered too few spacers for the finger guard on the mini-Jacob's Ladder that's going on the Mad Scientist Light Switch, I figured I'd just order several things at once. It's pay day.

I remember thinking I needed a carbide milling cutter for something, but now I can't remember what for, so I don't know what size to order. Hopefully I will remember soon, I have a filled shopping cart that is getting stale. Oh yes: milling G-10 (epoxy fiberglass slabs). Now why did I want to do that? Oh yes: anti-surface-tracking grooves in the Marx support slab, between the gap spheres. Hmm, I might have to make that thing thicker. I'd like to only do it once, so I might use a different material from what I have on hand, but I'd rather not spend any more money than I have to. Hmm.

L0stboy moved to 303 so I thought I was gonna have another fresh new Mad Scientist type mind to bounce ideas off of and maybe even work together on something. He's just accepted a new job in DC and will be moving soon. Figures.

I thought I'd be able to use Macor machinable glass ceramic for a few projects... until I checked the prices. Holy crap, you would think that in the 20+ or so years since it hit the market the price would have fallen some. I could use it for some tiny things I expect to need, maybe. Example: trigger assembly for the miniature trigatron which fires the first stage of the Marx.

A 3" long piece of .25" diameter Macor rod is "only" $20. >_<


Discovered another esoteric book I'm gonna try to get my hands on: "J.C. Martin On Pulsed Power". Currently used copies are selling for $200. I'm hoping that if I'm patient, I'll eventually find a used copy I can afford. J. C. Martin was a pulsed power researcher at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston UK.

And I should probably re-read Vitkovitsky, as I might actually understand more of what I'm reading this time around. Holy shit, new copies of THAT are $200 now. I think I paid $75 for mine, back in the early 90s.

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