Friday, January 28, 2011

Action This Day

 I ordered the remaining parts for the railgun pre-accelerator today.  There are a few supporting parts for it which I still don't have.  These include:

• the CO2 tank itself - which I'll "buy" from my local industrial gas supplier - about $100 I'm guessing

• a regulator capable of taking CO2 tank pressure and delivering anything from 100 PSI to 1,000 PSI.  Of these three items, this will be the most challenging to find at a price I can afford.

• a bit of metal tubing and a few inexpensive (small size) tubing fittings

 I think that's it.  And what the hey, if I can't get the railgun to work, it'll be a short step to making the most dangerous compressed gas gun in amateur hands. (let's not and claim we did)

 No movement on the mill.  I'm trying to be patient, but already I'm wondering whether I ought to replace the motor - a heinous thought. But the mill going down is why I started working on the railgun program again. I need something to keep me off the streets and out of the doldrums.

 The Mad Scientist Light Switch is on hold because of the mill. I could have it had it done by the end of January if not for the mill problem, I was that close to being done.

 The test rig for the fast distortion-triggered, pseudospark mode, spark gap switch (say that three times fast) is on hold because of the mill and some materials not yet purchased. I still haven't figured out a good way to connect the switch to one of the caps in the pulser without pulling the cap out.

 The avalanche transistor trigger for the VIG is also on hold due to spending money on other things. Can't do it all at once. Anyone got a cheap source for the Zetex ZTX415 avalanche transistor?  $25 seems a bit steep for a single tiny rock.  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?  Oh right, I keep forgetting that nobody reads this bloody thing.

 Hey! I think I hear an echo.

 Lessee, what other programs are "open"?  The Tesla coil of course.  Haven't touched it because it is at a stage where it needs far too much attention and money.  I can't even look at it again until some of these other shorter-term projects are completed.  THEN I can (hopefully) knock that thing out and then (hopefully) sell it.  It will, at least, be unique in at least one way.

 The fast mini-Marx is on hold for lack of money to spend on it.  Have to finish some of these other projects first.  Cash flow is tight and I'm already spending more money on hobby project than my wife would prefer.

 Not much else to talk about today. Until next time...

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