Friday, December 7, 2012

Mock-up of MLTC power box front panel

...or something close to this, anyhow. I am short on good switches & panel lamps.

Only one of those meters is suitable, I'm still looking for another. Several parts aren't really installed yet cuz I'm still making holes in the panel.

I no longer have any idea about an estimated completion date. I can do tune-up runs without meters (tho I'd rather not) but I still have to wire everything when all parts are found and installed.

Furthermore, I'm stalled again on the HV section because of a fit problem, until I can find some shorter ceramic standoffs (that I can afford).

After THAT, I still have to finish the safety gap compartment and power inlets and outlets. Oh yeah: don't have most of that hardware yet either.

There's an event in Jan. I might want to debut the coil at, assuming I can finish in December, assuming a large coil is even welcome there - I've not yet inquired. It's starting to look unlikely I'll finish in time in any case.

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Kevin McGinley said...

Lookin good! I assume the lower Variac knob is for mains, what's the upper one for?