Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MLTC progress

I completed the HV section of the power cabinet for 'My Last Tesla Coil' last night. This morning I powered up the whole cabinet and verified that:

• no flashovers or evident leaks, no visible or audible corona at full volts

• full volts at both HV connector ports - no corona or leakage from HV rear panel connectors

• no breakdown problems with the RG-213 cable I'm using for HV leads between the power cabinet
and the coil

• the Terry Fritz filter section _appears_ be okay

In short, I wasn't really expecting everything to work fine the first time. There is no front panel on the power cabinet yet, so there is no way to control power to the HV transformer, but the coil is a LOT closer to First Light and tune-up testing than ever before.

There is an event in Denver at which this coil is wanted for a Grand Opening near the end of March. We'll see.

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