Sunday, June 8, 2003

Triga Tour Two

Why in the name of all that is unholy am I awake a this hour? Oh yes, now I remember. It's because I am going on the second tour of the Triga nuclear research reactor, and I have to leave the house an hour earlier than normal.

Most Denverites are unaware that there is an operating nuclear reactor on the Federal Center. It's used for assaying minerals and is operated by the US Geological Survey. And they give tours. It's quite small, it operates in a big pool of water about 25 feet deep, and you can literally stand on a grating above the tank, look down, and see the reactor core glowing twenty feet below you. The water absorbs the radiation.

Anyway, a few of the Denver Mad Scientists Club and some other friends are going on our second tour of this facility this morning. This means I'll be getting to work an hour later. While I am generally unenthusiastic about something that gets me out of bed early, anything that keeps me away from work is A Good Thing.

Oog. Ugh. Ogg drink coffee now. Ungawa.

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