Sunday, August 8, 2010

short update on vacuum

I am still chasing leaks, but I have bigger worries which must be addressed first.

1. I need to replace the motor. A 3/4 HP motor rated for fan/blower duty is VERY different from a 3/4 HP motor rated for compressor duty. If I carry on with the motor that's mounted on it now, it'll overheat. I had to set up a fan on the motor to keep it cool. I actually have a compressor duty 3/4 HP motor on hand... that doesn't turn. BUT: I believe I know what's wrong with it and that it's easily fixed. I will be looking into that today.

2. There are several switches and pilot lights -- on both the Veeco system and the outboard vacuum tube Veeco gauge controller -- which need to be replaced. One of them is causing erratic readings on a T/C gauge.

One needs the basics working properly before one can presume to troubleshoot something.

Meanwhile, I also have plenty to do on main components for the MSLS, and hope to work on that as well, unless I get diverted onto the honeydew list...

More as it happens. Stay tuned.

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