Sunday, March 11, 2012

shop progress

Purchased a rotary phase converter to power the mill. Waiting for some cables and electrical odds and ends I didn't have on hand to get it wired up between the mill and the outlet.

Modifications to the triggered spark gap switch, followed by more pushing on the infrastructure required to test it for the first time, will follow the mill coming back online.

There are three different machining jobs waiting for the mill aside from the switch modifications.

The new job isn't leaving me very much time for hobbies. I have a lot to learn in an unknown but short period of time, and -- well, let's just say that it's stressful for me for now, and leave it at that. On the other hand, that job and a small grant from The Joss Research Institute are the things enabling these repairs and equipment replacements so I can start working in the shop again.

I also received the boon of a nice high voltage power supply - did I mention this already? However, I will have to move it from its wheeled base onto one which fits within the footprint of the rack itself, as I have too little room in the shop to fit this rack where it needs to go. It's a tremendously useful gift however, and I'm tickled pink to have it. Prior, I'd been planning to build my own high voltage (10s KV range) regulated supply, a somewhat daunting task.

I do need to make myself some HV cabling, but that's just RH 8.

That rack also contains a B- supply suitable for driving a range of electron tubes or similar devices up to (er, um) 300 or 500 volts. Or so. I think it contains a filament supply as well - 6.3 volts or so only however.

More as it happens.

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