Monday, January 28, 2013

Tesla coil and "why so many projects?" also, "why don't you ever finish anything?"

1. Tesla coil
I am making headway on the Tesla coil, and have redoubled my efforts (in between trying to do real work for real money, about which more down below) because a friend is opening a very cool new art-nerd / techie arts & crafts type store in Denver, and very much wants to have an impressive Tesla coil at her grand opening in March, which is, um, roughly a month away. Oi. We'll see. I'm trying.

2. "Why do you have so many (unfinished) projects?"
I suffer from ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder, and have my entire life. It's been marginally worse since I had a protracted fever a few years ago. I now take Ritalin, and it has changed -- or I should say 'is changing' -- my life. Sadly, that's 45 years too late, but better late than never.

In the past, whenever I hit a snag in a project that I couldn't get around, I tended to find other things to occupy my hands while thinking about how I could get back to work on the other project, with the least added effort and expense. Quite often it's lack of an expensive part of material that holds me up. Whatever the reason that one, or two, or three projects are on hold, I need something to occupy my time.

Another reason for having multiple projects is simply that some of them are inter-related. I need a good working vacuum system (among other things) for several other, larger, experiments I'd like to do. The micro-Marx pulser is needed to trigger the experimental gas switch I've completed, but have not yet tested.

And while I have had a life-long tendency to take too long to finish projects, I am in fact finishing projects now that I am on the Ritalin. I have more perseverance and much more focus than ever I ever enjoyed before.

Unfortunately, having my job yanked out from under me due to a reorganization left me unable to pay for materials and parts. I also need to spend time looking for work AND trying to identify and reach my own customers for work that I can do with my own resources.

And finally, health problems of one sort or another continue to interfere with my ability to get things done.

All that said, more progress has been made on my various "mad science" / research / hobby projects in the last year than in the previous ten.

I've also been posting videos occasionally to my YouTube channel, which is HERE.

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